Hamptons Life

A Seamless Platform With Sleek Design Built to Showcase the Hamptons' Finest Properties

Hamptons Life is a brand new company that approached Lumina to design and develop an online platform for real estate firms and homeowners. The objective was to create an advanced, user-friendly and modern experience for listing sales & rentals of Hamptons-located properties, as well as presenting these properties on the website using a lucrative design language. The main focus of the site, in terms of conversion goals, is quick & easy lead generation.

Hamptons Life
03/2018 - 02/2019
Adobe XD | Photoshop | Axure | HTML/CSS
Shuting Jiang | Nanxi Lu
Research | UI/UX design | Test and proofread with developers



Hamptons Life is a new online platform conceived by Justin Mitchell, which is geared towards serving property landowners in the Hamptons, real estate brokers and property renters / buyers.



The Company wants to create a marketplace and advertise platform for property owners and real estate brokers in the Hamptons. The site will have functionality similar to the likes of Airbnb, Zillow, hreo.com, HomeAway, and Marquis Rentals, for users looking to buy or rent a space in the Hamptons.

Its key differentiating factor will be its specific focus on catering directly to high-end Real Estate Brokerage Firms. Property owners and brokers, for a price, will be able to create profile’s on the website, create detailed listings for properties that are available for sale or rent and even create bulk listings for all of the properties they manage.


  1. Hamptons Life needs a simple, clean layout that allows users to quickly find the properties listing they are looking for.
  2. Hamptons Life needs to find a way to connect the property owners and buyers directly, without the website being the “middle man” and facilitating the transaction.
  3. Creating a marketplace and advertising platform for property owners and real estate brokers in the Hamptons.


Through our standard discovery and design processes, the look of the website and user journeys were defined and development was underway. During the development process, Hamptons Life was able to broker a deal with a top real estate firm to provide access to its database of properties via an API. Lumina developed an automatic data importer/updater that would regularly procure the property data and keep it updated.

Lumina proposes the development of a system using PHP and a completely customized WordPress-as-a-platform approach. This would utilize the new features in WordPress, namely its API, in order to provide a platform that is robust, custom-made, but still utilizes other features that are available in it such as user membership, roles, blogs, pages, and functions.

At the end of the project Lumina provided the Hamptons Life team with a robust platform that allowed for the easy creation and management of site content and property listings across the site, automatically fetch listing data from various data sources and API’s, and a dedicated user portal that provided site users with a fully automated interface through which to purchase subscriptions for and manage the details of their own property listings.



Here is the Low-Fi demo made by Axure. Click here for the demo